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Salmon Dee Kap

3 Treasure Box

3 Treasure Box

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  1. salmon x5
    2. ⁠ prawn x3
    3. ⁠ oyster x3
    4. ⁠ rice x1
    5. ⁠ khanom jeen x1
    6. ⁠ seaweed x1
    7. ⁠tam sauce 150Ml x1
    8. ⁠yum sauce 150 Ml x1
    9. ⁠seafood sauce 150ml x1

    2 pax


“Sweet, Sour & Spicy”
(Muslim Friendly)

1) Suitable for spicy food lovers 🌶️🌶️
2) Sweet, sour and spicy profile. Very appetizing.😘
3) The ingredients are [🧄Garlic, 🧅Onion,🍋 Lime juice and 🌶Chili Padi]
4) The perfect balance between the sweet, sour and spicy flavours. Crafted by our Thai Chef to bring an explosion of flavour in every bite😘
5) Very spicy, but you can’t stop eating it 😋😋

“Spicy & Savoury”
(Muslim Friendly)

1) Spicy & Savoury appetizer that tastes like the Original Thai Papaya Salad (Som Tam). 🥗
2) Taste is spicy, savoury and mildly sweet and sour.
3) The ingredients are [🧄Garlic,🌽 Corn, Thai Papaya Salad dressing, 🍋Lime Juice and 🌶Chili Padi]
4) Som Tam is original Thai Papaya Salad. We added a twist to the original taste to enhance the flavour 😋😋
5) Having sashimi with sweet corn will bring you a whole new experience.👩‍🍳

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Zuraidah Zainal

3 Treasure Box

Hani Majid
Loving it!

Bought this set before during Ramadhan n I totally enjoyed it coz it came with all of my fave food including oyster. When I saw this set still avail, I just had to get it! Thank you! Will definitely buy again in the future! 🥰🥰

Raya Box

The Best..! worth to try the Raya Box. havent try the crab only. will try soon. Thx!

Wan Su

Raya Box

Myra Jasmine

The best ever!